A Complete guide about Back Pain that you should know

One of the major causes behind people missing their work or looking out for treatment is Back Pain. But, the good part is that you can deal with the problem if you are young. You can indulge yourself in exercise or opt for Back pain treatment in Bangalore if you live in and around the city. Likewise, you may have to opt for surgery if the pain is not resolved after a certain time. So, in this article, we would discuss everything about Back Pain. So, without any further ado, let us begin:-

Back Pain – What are the symptoms?

There are several symptoms associated with Back Pain which include shooting, muscle aching, stabbing, or burning sensation. Besides this, the pain can also radiate down below the legs.

In general, it is seen that back pain improves after a while. But if not, then you can see a doctor for back pain treatment in Bangalore. Some of the situations in which you might have to see a doctor are:-
If the pain lasts for a few weeks
If there is a lot of pain and doesn’t improve over some time
If you deal with a lot of weight loss
Causes a lot of numbness and weakness in both the legs

Back Pain – What are the causes?

Ligament or Muscle strain

If there is an awkward movement or if you lift heavy, the spinal ligaments or the back muscles can get stained. Besides this, in some of the scenarios, you have to go through painful muscle spasms.

Ruptured or Bulging disks

Disks are cushions that tend to happen in the spine bone. There is a soft material present in the disk that can rupture or bulge. Thus, problem in the disk is found through CT scans, X-rays, or the MRIs that are done.


Arthritis can cause a lot of pain, especially in the lower back. In some of the scenarios, arthritis that tends to happen in the spine can cause the space that is present around the spinal cord to narrow.


The vertebrae of the spine can break down if the bones become brittle or porous.

Back Pain – What are the risk factors associated with it?


Back Pain becomes a lot more common as you age which generally starts from 40.

Lack of Exercise

Unused or weak muscles present in the abdomen or back can cause a lot of back pain.

Excess Weight

If you become overweight, then extra stress is put into the back.


It is normally noticed that certain types of cancer or arthritis can lead to a lot of back pain.


It is seen that people generally use their backs for lifting weight rather than their legs. This can be one of the potential reasons for back pain.

Psychological Conditions

People who are prone to anxiety and depression tend to have a greater risk when it comes to back pain. Due to stress, muscle tension is caused and then back pain happens.


Smokers generally have increased chances of back pain. The reason is that smoking causes a lot of coughing. Due to this, the problem of herniated disks can happen. With smoking, you would also witness that blood flow to the spine is decreased. Hence, osteoporosis risk gets increases.